I'm a PhDI'm a company


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    Join the Community

    Companies join our community of research trained engineers and define their needs.

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    Discover Opportunities

    Companies are either in the program already or not. If not, then they have a first meeting where they learn more about the ProPlacement program.

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    Define Needs

    The companies define what competences they are in need of and what skill set the desired candidate should acquire.

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    Boost your company

    Company take in a ProPlacement Candidate for 3-6 months after meeting with prospective candidates.


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    Apply to the programme

    PhD Candidates apply to the program at any time during their PhD

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    Discover Possibilities

    Once admitted, the PhD candidate will the help of their supervisor and the ProPlacement program coordinator define what problems and tasks they wish to work with.

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    Define Skills

    The PhD Candidate will get support to develop a professional resume and instructions of how to talk with the partner companies.

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    Grow the company

    The PhD Candidate begins the placement after a meeting with the company.