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The ProPlacement program organizes recruitment processes and is the natural portal for companies to find research-trained engineers, both for short-term projects, but also for longer missions.

In both cases, companies avoid risk and can add value to their regular recruitments.

The companies define the profiles they are interested to work with and the program coordinators match the desired profile against our PhD candidate pool.

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About Our Process

PhD Candidates

  • 1

    PhD Candidates can apply to the program at any time during their research

  • 2

    Once admitted, the PhD candidate will the help of their supervisor and the ProPlacement program coordinator define the range of tasks they would be interested in working with

  • 3

    The PhD Candidate will get support to develop a professional resume and and communicating their capability and expertise to the companies.

  • 4

    The PhD Candidate begins the placement after recruitment by the company.


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    A company has a job to be done requiring a research professional, but lacks the manpower to do it

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    The company is either in the program already or not. If not, they can have a first meeting where we present ProPlacement program

  • 3

    The company defines which competences and skill set they are in need of and what the placement should achieve

  • 4

    Company hires a ProPlacement Candidate for 3-9 months after meeting with prospective candidates and selecting the right one for them

Frequently Asked Questions – PhDs

What you’re earning now – the company gets the PhDs at cost.

Absolutely! We can contact them for you or even better if you already have a contact.

Yes. Otherwise the program would not be financially sustainable. The cost for the company is about the same as for the University.

Frequently Asked Questions – Companies

Typically between 3-9 months. Placements are mostly done by PhDs in their final years. It can be very advantageous as a recruitment strategy to take PhDs just after they have defended their thesis.

It should be as close as possible to the processes that you are already using. The program administrators will help with a shortlist of suitable candidates.

Companies get the placements essentially at cost. The current rate is set at 75 000 SEK / month which should compare very favourably to the corresponding consultancy costs.